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Over The Counter STD Test

Anyone who may have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease (STD) needs to be tested as soon as possible to determine if he's contracted the disease. If necessary they can then start treatment immediately, which will minimize the long-term consequences of the disease. A person who needs to be tested may balk, however, if they have to take the time and give up their privacy to see their own doctor or go to a health clinic for testing. They may decide they'd rather take their chances when they put off testing.

Over The Counter STD TestFor these reasons, a sexually active person likely will prefer purchasing an over the counter STD test to determine exposure. Kits are available that can test for a number of different STDs, such as chlamydia, human papilloma virus (HPV), gonorrhea, herpes and even HIV. While some experts believe that home testing kits can never be as accurate as tests done by health professionals, others say that if a person is careful, they can find an at-home test that should provide extremely accurate results. A person who's interested in using an over the counter STD test kit needs to research which tests give the best results, rather than purchasing the cheapest kit they can find online or at a drugstore.

All STD test kits require the person being tested to provide a sample of a bodily fluid of some kind. Some kits require that the tester swab an active sore. Others may request a urine sample. Kits designed to test for HIV must have the person's blood to test for the presence of the virus. Often a tester who wants to use an over the counter test to check for the presence of HIV shies away from taking the necessary blood sample. However, detailed instructions and extra supplies provided in good at-home test kits can help make the sample-taking process easy and stress-free. 

Anyone who chooses to use an over the counter STD test kit needs to follow the instructions to the letter when taking the sample and preparing it to mail to the lab. The tester usually has to provide some demographic information that doesn't identify them, then receives a special code they can use to retrieve their results by phone or securely online. Most labs provide results in just a few days up to a couple of weeks. A tester who needs to know if they have an STD will appreciate the privacy an over the counter STD test kit provides.



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